October 2012: I have just joined the family as a senior perl engineer. Contact me.

Sept 2009–present: In case you missed the huge news, I am also working on a startup in Pittsburgh.


I was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1984. I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I speak a couple of natural languages (English, Indonesian, and Russian), and am well-versed in quite a few programming languages.

I graduated at the top of my Information Systems program at Carnegie Mellon University in 2007, with an additional B.S. in Statistics.




Coming Soon


Find me on Twitter or Linked In. I am no longer on Facebook.

The Likes

In alphabetical order: baking, camping, Cirque du Soleil, computers, fireworks (and more generally pyrotechnics), glass blowing, magic, natural languages, power tools, quiet babies, science, snow, soft stuffed toys, statistics. Ask me, and I'll tell you more!